Sunday, February 26, 2012

Advice from The Bloggess

I'm thinking I'll need some advice from The Bloggess about what to do and how to act in public once I go viral  Because I'm sure that I will go viral.  That everyone will find me so witty, that they can't resist spreading the word.  I mean, already, my traffic has doubled in the last half hour over the entire life of the blog.  Wait.  Maybe that's not something I should advertise.

Maybe I should just tag this one under "insanity"... Yeah, that's it.  Visions of grandeur floating to my head... Better watch out for the ceiling fan...

Seriously, if you found me, and I made you smile, please:  tell your friends.  Oh, and tell me, too.  Either by comment or more privately, if you choose, by e-mail.  For the moment - until I go viral - comments can be made anonymously.

Thanks.  I'll try to avoid the ceiling fan if you write..