Friday, February 17, 2012

Shower Topics

It is not unusual to come up with a topic for the blog (or in the past a long rambling e-mail to a friend) in the shower.  I mean reading your shampoo bottle only gets you so far in keeping your mind occupied, and I do not have the ability to play music loud enough to hear in the shower and sing along with.

(This does not mean that I don't sing in the shower, of course, I am human.)

But there I will be lathering up, rinsing, and sometimes repeating (NOT because the shampoo bottle has instructed me to, but because I've lost track of what I've done and can't remember if I've shampooed yet or not) and my brain will have it's little mini rant. 

I have discovered, though, that I need to be careful because that little rant is a lot like my dreams.  It will fade quickly once I begin to dry off.  I mentioned that I began a dream journal recently.  I'm so-so good at it.  I'm not sure what the threshold memory of details that I remember is worth writing in the journal.  If I remember, generically, kissing hot and heavy, but remember few details beyond that, is it worth capturing in the journal?  A part of me says, "yes" because one of the purposes of the journal is to detect patterns.  To try and decode the inner workings of my subconscious.  Right?

(BTW, dream journal, last night I dreamt about kissing hot and heavy... )

In the shower, my posts are composed wonderfully.  Well constructed, detailed, thought-out, well formulated.  Humerous.  Definitely funny.  In the shower, my posts are brilliant. 

You'll have to see how well they come out when I'm dried off.  Since I think, like the dog shaking himself dry and shaking off the water drops, I think my brilliance gets wiped away as I dry myself off.  It was there.  And now it's not.  Sort of like my singing ability.  I'm not an Idol fan, but if they had a shower competition, I'm sure I'd win. 

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