Tuesday, February 28, 2012


So like many who keep the laundromat in business, I do not have a washer and dryer. FlyLady recommends doing a little load a day to stay on top of the laundry. That's great when it is in the building. Not so practical when you have to literally drag your dirty laundry elsewhere.

I save quarters. People think I have a problem with slot machines, and while I do, that is not why I save quarters.

The owners have figured out that if you have to pay too much for the dryers, you'll take it home and hang it there and let God do the work. So you can start the dryers here for only a quarter.

The washers? Highway robbery.

When I last used paid machines, it was only 3-4 quarters a machine. Here? 14 to wash. And don't think that quarter gets you too far in the dryer. It gets you exactly seven minutes...

So I have tried an alternate to FlyLady. Instead I keep a load of laundry in my car to do when visiting friends. I need a few more friends to spread it around!

Today, I am at the laundromat.

Thanks to technology, though, I can bring you along - blogging by iPhone. I don't want you to miss any exciting details of my day!

When you pay 14 quarters just to wash, you begin to throw your mother's rules for sorting out the door. Reds I still keep separate, but otherwise, unless it is brand new, it all goes in the same load. Whites, jeans, doesn't matter. I do not believe in segregation!

I remember the first time I did a load at one particular friend's house and she nearly had a heart attack as I mixed my colors...

I warned you that I am just looking for a good batting average! Not all of these are gonna be winners.

Now, go to The Bloggess and look at her updated Nathan Fillion entry and drool over a true member of the Borg - 7 of 9 - Jeri Ryan who posed for a picture with a spatula for Jenny.

I am jealous... One day, I will be worthy. I just don't think it's today.


  1. OMG! 3.50 A LOAD? That is robbery. I pay $1.50 a load but the dryer can suck up at least $3.00 before stuff is dry.
    NOT trying to advertise but I saw a product I am going to check out. I am single and wear LOTS of bright bright colours in a bevy of different colours. Not mixing loads can be impossible. I saw http://www.shoutitout.com/en-US/Products/Pages/shout-color-catcher.aspx
    this advertised. I thought, I have got to try that out.

    1. Yeah. *grumble*. It's because they know that here if they charge more for the dryer everyone will just drag their wet clothes home and hang them. So the place they need to make their money is in the washers. At least that's what I assume.

      But the good news - if you read in a later post - is that someone recently gave me a washer / dryer. I'm so excited and happy!!