Sunday, February 26, 2012

Life, and illness, gets in the way...

Okay, so the past few days I have been distracted by illness.  Well, those were the first few days I didn't write, and then the last couple of days I've just been enjoying not being sick.  Selfish of me, I know, catching up on my sleep rather than write here.

I had made an important decision last weekend.  In fact, I had started drafting the blog post for my important decision, but I know I need to wait for the appropriate milestone. 

And then I got sick, and didn't write, and now I begin to wonder what milestone is appropriate.  And then I got another sign that it might be time sooner than later...

As I have mentioned before, I am a fan of The Bloggess.  I aspire to be as witty - but not as enamored of taxidermied animals - as she is.  I have high hopes.

So, in the spirit of her Wil Wheaton triumph, I have been intending to ask her to send to me a picture of her collating.  Or maybe I need to ask her to hold twine. 

Then there was today's blog entry - it's like she's already thinking of me and inventing terms I can use to call her out - I can tell her that she doesn't want to pull a Nater-Tater, and she'll be impressed by my ability to take her phrase and wittily reform it into a new term.  I'm certain of it. 

I feel that I must do this soon, while she's in the mood.  I had considered that when I reached my 25th blog entry it would be time.  I am at entry #23 now...

I am sure she wants to be a Wil Wheaton.. I'm sure of it.

Here's the only trouble.  I think in order to get her attention, I'm going to need a twitter account and start a tweeting campaign.  But I'm not a twit. Yet.  Maybe it's time I became one.  For Jenny, I would.

Any suggestions of what kind of picture I should ask for between now and the entry after the next one where I call her out would be appreciated.

(And Jenny, if you're reading this, the reason for calling you out is to get you to bring even 14 of your 140k readers over to my site, because I'm betting below there are no suggestions... I need more than an audience of Ukranians to get that pop.  Please help)

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